Common-Sense Rules for Government

America has long been divided by a number of social issues, personal preferences, and political agendas. LibertyJusticeHQ is dedicated to instilling and teaching principles that can build a better future for our children. The Common-Sense Rules for Government are ten rules that, when implemented, will ensure domestic tranquility and sustainable freedom and prosperity.

Rule 1: Have Principles

Principles like equality, liberty, and justice must be understood so they cannot be violated. You must approach each situation with these principles in mind.

Rule 2: Personal Responsibilities

Before you can be a contributing member to your community, you must first hold personal responsibility for you and your family. Responsibility leads to maturity.

Rule 3: Use Power for Service

With great power comes great responsibility. When you use your power to serve others, you can effectively advance your community and nation.

Rule 4: Protect the Family

One of the most effective ways principles are passed from one generation to the other is through the family unit. To instill the next generation with these common-sense rules for government, we must protect the family structure.

Rule 5: Respect Proper Authority

Tyranny is when one jurisdiction takes away the power of another jurisdiction. To keep our country free from tyranny, we must understand where authority falls.

Rule 6: Empower Those Involved

By equipping and empowering those involved, we can help our community thrive and build the next generation of leaders.

Rule 7: Everything Must Have Limits

Checks and balances were created to keep one branch of government from becoming to powerful. Limits must be applied to anything that has power in order to maintain our freedom.

Rule 8: Justice Is Not Equality

Justice is the outcome of input while equality is a standing. In order to shape the future of America, we must understand the definitions of both these principles.

Rule 9: Deal With the Facts

In order to effectively lead, you cannot base your decisions on your emotions. You must look at the facts and how they impact your community in order to make a wise decision.

Rule 10: Build a Bridge of Trust

In order to positively impact your community, you must build a bridge of trust between the government, the people, organizations, and institutions. Only then can society thrive.